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UNM: GEO -- Global Programs Application


Global Programs Registration

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Please list any dietary or medical accommodations you may need during the program.

All program participants must demonstrate that they have the necessary funds to participate in the program. Your proof of financial support should show funding to cover the entire cost of the program. If you are sponsored by your home university, company, or family member please upload a letter stating your proof of sponsorship.

All program participants must complete and submit a W-8BEN form. Here is the W-8BEN form for you to complete—you must print out the form, sign it, and upload it to the application using the link above. Here is a template of the W-8BEN form that highlights the areas that must be completed.

Most Global Certificate Programs have a required level of English language proficiency. Please upload your proof of English language proficiency for review.
Types of English language proficiency proof accepted: TOEFL (IBT or PBT), IELTS, Pearson, Cambridge, or a letter from home institution certifying English language level.
If you do not have proof of English language proficiency, please, check the box below and a staff member will work with you to meet the necessary requirements.